Not case sensitive, requires no dashes or spaces, unless they are part of the Cargo Control Number.

     PARS / CARGO TRACKER will allow any party to verify the status of a shipment; please follow the instructions on the right hand side. This information is provided by Agility for your convenience as a courtesy only and is offered without liability on the part of Agility. The information displayed is based on electronic messages received from the Canada Border Services Agency and relies entirely on actions taken or information provided by CBSA.

Agility Customs Operations :

An intelligently designed and expertly managed customs clearance program reduces cycle times, improves shipment visibility and lowers costs. Our customs clearance representatives offer consistent, timely and cost-effective clearance by acting as a direct extension of your business. We electronically integrate customs clearance information into our global distribution network for seamless transportation and efficient inventory management.

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Note : The PARS documents must be provided via fax or EDI to the appropriate Agility clearance office a minimum of (three) 3 hours prior to carrier’s arrival at the port of entry. All times listed above are based on CBSA Ottawa time. The shipment status is updated approximately every 10 minutes. If you cannot find your shipment, please try again. If your shipment status is not available in the system, please call the Agility Canada office handling your shipment.

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